Ask the Congressman

AHCA foes hit streets and phones for Ask The Congressman
America's opiate addiciton crisis...the North Korean nuclear threat...the National Flood Insurance Program...all figured in Wednesday's "Ask The Congressman" on WOBM-AM. But critics of Republican plans to repeal and replace Obamacare steered much of the dialogue with Repr…
“Ask The Congressman,” tonight on WOBM-AM
What problems to you see in your area that would benefit from some Capitol Hill help? Shore Representative Frank Pallone (D-6) discusses them with you tonight during "Ask The Congressman," 7 - 8 PM, on News Talk Radio 1160 & 1310 WOBM-AM.
Townsquare TV
92.7 WOBM and News Talk Radio WOBM-AM 1160 & 1310 are happy to bring you Townsquare TV, a video series spotlighting the movers and shakers from the Jersey Shore.  With programs like Ask the Congressman, Ask the Senator and Townsquare Tonight, we cover every angle.  ...
Speak with Congressman Pallone tonight
New global terror threats place refugees in New Jersey in a glaring spotlight. Meanwhile, federal funding that's helping pay medical bills of first-responders who trace their ailments to 9/11 is near expiration. NJ Transit, which just raised fares, stands to lose millions in federal aid if a tr…
Ask the Congressman Postponed
Townsquare Media New Jersey presents the monthly program Ask The Congressman with new 3rd District representative Tom McArthur (R) Monday night at 7 p.m. hosted by Tom Mongelli.

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