Is it a cold or spring allergies?
It's starting to feel more like spring, which means the trees are beginning to bloom, everything is turning green and a lot of Garden State residents are sneezing and feeling run down. But how do you know if you've spring allergies or a spring cold?
Food for Health
Do you feed a fever and starve a cold or starve a cold and feed a fever???? Just another one of life's questions. Maybe I can help you out a little here: I know when I'm sick no matter what chicken soup and a pint of Ben and Jerry's does the job. Apparently I'm wrong.
Why is This ‘Normal’ Allergy Season So Bad? [AUDIO]
This spring's allergy season in New Jersey has been classified as "normal" because elevated levels of pollen began to show up as soon as the spring season officially began in March, but many Garden State residents report having the worst allergic symptoms they can recall.

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