Six Flags Great Adventure has long been a favorite destination for locals and vacationers alike.  I remember spending many hot summer days of my youth running from coaster to coaster, to various arcade and boardwalk games and finally cooling off at the log flume.  Many of these days would end with a trip through the Wild Safari.  Sadly, there will soon no longer be days like this. 

Billed as the largest drive-thru safari outside of Africa, it was always a fun and unique experience to be so up-close and personal with such wildlife as camels, giraffes and of course the baboons.  Half of the fun was always seeing which cars seemed to be targeted for destruction by the animals: many times my family and friends wore that badge of honor. Slobbery windows, stained hoods and broken antennas were just a few of the memorable awards.  It probably didn't help that we (sometimes) may have placed a few apple pieces on our roof.

There were more than a few times that I remember getting to the end of the baboon section and being absolutely swarmed by them (before there were fences), but somehow my dad would always shew them off by any means necessary.  I can't go into exact details on this just yet because I'm not sure of the statute of limitations.

It's been many years since I was last in the safari, but I was legitimately saddened to hear the news that it will officially close at the end of September.  It feels like a part of my childhood is closing with it and am sad that there will now be generations of children who will never get a chance to experience it.  Early reports are that the animals will stay at Six Flags, but details are still vague with an official announcement to be made at the end of August.  No matter what the ultimate plan is, one thing is for certain: the Wild Safari as we know it will be no more.

Are you saddened by this announcement?  When was the last time you went through the safari?  What are your favorite memories and what was your favorite exhibit?