Criminal activity does not have county borders and neither should law enforcement intelligence. That's the message from the sheriff's departments in Ocean and Monmouth Counties delivered during the January 8th Townsquare Tonight.

Sheriffs Mike Mastronardy and Shaun Golden (Photo by Tom Mongelli, Townsquare Media)

Ocean County Sheriff Mike Mastronardy and Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden will be championing the need for a single database to share information across county borders.

Mastronardy said the intelligence could help protect patrolmen on the streets and even prevent some crimes.

"We then would be able to run a name, a plate and a person if they were involved in anything in Monmouth or Ocean County than we would be more successful in prosecutions and apprehensions," Mastronardy explained.

Golden said Monmouth County already has a new data-share network and have linked over half of its local 47 police departments to the network so far.

"We've had some really great success stories in that data-share with everybody being able to pull up common names or partial license plates and then cross check them on the plate readers and from solving stabbings to premeditated murders," Golden said.

However, both lawmen agree that helping to combat an unprecedented number of drug overdose deaths and growing gang activity also has to involve the community.