Only three months after becoming an officer in the state chapter of a worldwide professional association, Rita O'Connor of the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office takes on a second large-scale responsibility.

Rita O'Connor (Ocean County Prosecutor's Office)

O'Connor, who coordinates Ocean County's Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) has accepted the position of Director and spokesperson of the New Jersey Forensic Nurse Coordinator's Association.

The post is added to her secretary's function within the New Jersey chapter of the 3,400-member International Association of Forensic Nurses (NJ-IAFN).

According to information from the office of county Prosecutor Joseph Coronato, the Coordinators Association aims to raise the level of evidence-based healthcare through education and leadership.

Authorities say that an average of 89 assaults requiring nurse intervention are reported each year in Ocean County. When the victim is the only witness, the value of physical evidence grows in substantiating allegations.

O'Connor's job in Ocean County is to ensure that sexual attack victims have access to treatment around-the-clock, seven days a week.