has compiled a list of the 10 worst states in which to retire, based on five factors: fiscal health, property taxes, income taxes, cost of living and climate. This year’s Worst 10 List features three new arrivals – Vermont, Minnesota and Maine – meaning three other states escaped retirement infamy: Ohio, Nevada and California. After crunching the numbers, seven of the 10 states to retire in were in the Northeast:

  • 10


    Taxes - a familiar theme - brings Wisconsin into the Top 10.

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  • 9


    Cold winters and cold cost of living brings Maine into the mix.

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    New York

    Property taxes are the main issue here.

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    Harsh winters and harsh taxes would make for a not-so-pleasant retirement.

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    New Jersey

    Taxes, taxes, taxes. If you are currently living here, you know.

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  • 5


    The high cost of living would make a retirement here difficult.

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    Property taxes and cold winters bring Vermont into the Top 5.

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    Rhode Island

    Taxes and pension troubles keep Rhode Island in the Top 3.

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    Illinois has been hit hard by the down economy.

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    Taxes and cost of living bring Connecticut to the top of this list.

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