I make at least three to four trips a week to Shop Rite on 37 in Toms River and every time it's a different experience.

This week, I had a very good experience!  I was checking out and had quite a bit of stuff. The young lady who was checking me out was fantastic. She bagged as she went along and very methodically -  bread with chips , eggs by themselves , cold items all together - THEN she walked around the counter and put them in my cart no less!

I was so impressed after I was through paying I went up to the Courtesy dDesk and asked for the manager and told him what a gem he had. His response was: "thank you" and because she was complimented, she gets a free lunch ticket!

I thought that was great so the reason I'm writing this is because it's easy for all of us to complain but we never take the time to praise, so  next time you're shopping anywhere and have a nice experience  take a minute to seek out a manager, make them aware of a good employee, and two things will happen I promise. They will feel good and so will you knowing you made somebody's day!