A New Jersey Congressman is getting behind an effort to tighten restrictions on the amount of arsenic and lead permitted in apple juice.

Congressman Frank Pallone says his “apple juice act of 2012″ would mean the juice would have to carry the same standard for arsenic and lead as bottled water, around 10 parts per billion. Pallone says while it’s true we don’t drink as much juice as we do water, he calls it a, “cumulative effect”, you or your children are not going to get sick by drinking one box of fruit juice. But he says if you drink a lot, which Pallone says is often the case with young children, then these carcinogens can build up. Pallone says he believes the legislation has a good chance of passage.

Meanwhile the F-D-A has been given two years to resolve this ceiling for arsenic and lead, which can impact a child’s brain development. Consumer Reports showed what they called, “alarmingly high” levels of the toxics in juice brands they sampled.