Safety-conscious kids in Jackson Township stand a chance of being written up by police this fall. And the sentence is free ice cream, and maybe a new bicycle.

Kid Training to Ride Bike with Helmet, Photo Credit David D. Hammer Foundation

The annual 2017 Safety Citation Program is under way, courtesy of Jackson PD, PBA Local 168, and Farley's Ice Cream in the Anillop Plaza on Brewers Bridge Road.

Officers will be on the lookout for youngsters using safety equipment, such as seat restraints in the front or back seat of a vehicle, or helmets while bicycling or skateboarding. Kids who are spotted being safety-conscious will be "issued" a safety citation, redeemable for a free cone full of hard, or soft, ice cream at Farley's.

In mid-December, a member of the Jackson PBA will dip a hand into all the citations, and draw one written for a boy and one for a girl. The lucky winners will be awarded up ot $200 for a new bicycle, or toward the purchase of a new bike.

Best of luck, kids, and safety first!

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