Have you seen this dog?  Her name is Maple and she was last seen 2 days ago in the area of the Purple Heart Trail, Bunker Hill Bogs on East Veterans Highway in Jackson. 

Primarily white in color, Maple has some brown areas on her fur, a bit longer than depicted here, and a pinkish irregular tumor on the upper inner portion of her right eye. Her demeanor is friendly and somewhat timid. She may have a collar, tags, and 3 brown leather leashes attached. She was tethered to two other dogs; one unclipped himself and a greyhound mix slipped her pink collar after dragging this 30 lb. 14-year-old terrier with cataracts. The larger dog was in the water and had mud caked in her fur when she was found. Maple was possibly injured in the ordeal.

Any help in finding her alive or locating her remain will be greatly appreciated.

Please contact Garry: 732-833-7703 or 908-839-5889 (cell) Gail: 908-839-5891 (cell)

Lost Dogs

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