The Cherry Hill father who secretly recorded his autistic son’s verbal abuse at school said he’s decided to hold off on releasing more audio to the media.

During a press conference at Stuart Chaifetz’ home Thursday, the 44 year-old father said he came to the decision after the school district reached out to him personally and promised a thorough review and investigation of what happened in the classroom.

“I had intended to release more tapes, but once I realized it could potentially spoil the case, I didn’t want to do anything to take away from the possibility that real justice could be done” Chaifetz said from the driveway of his home.

When he wasn’t satisfied with how the district was responding, he posted YouTube videos of the verbal abuse that have gotten nearly 4 million views.

“Let me be very clear, if at any time, I am not happy with the investigation, I won’t hesitate to release more audio, but at this point I am letting the district look into the incident.”

Chaifetz has also gotten nearly 150,000 signatures on a petition to reform teacher tenure and Burlington County Senator Diane Allen has introduced a bill that would make it easier to fire a teacher who bullies students.

The teacher, who says she was not in the classroom when the remarks were made, remains on paid leave.

Chaifetz said he hopes to move forward as the district’s investigation continues.

“I hope for the best outcome here for everyone, not just my son, but so that no parent, father or mother will ever have to go through this again.”