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It's hard to fathom a 70 year old SALLY STRUTHERS. We all will eternally view her as Gloria - Archie Bunker's "Little Goil" on All in the Family. She briefly had her own spinoff simply called Gloria, and her co-star on the series was the legendary Burgess Meredith...
NJ ride company at center of deadly Ohio Fair tragedy
A New Jersey based company is at the center of a deadly amusement ride accident in Ohio. A popular ride that's been featured at past NJ events, fell apart mid-air at the Ohio State Fair. One person was killed and seven injured, some critically.
Happy National TEQUILA Day
National Day Calendar has designated today as "NATIONAL TEQUILA DAY." "Tequila" is also the title of a #1 million-selling rock and roll instrumental hit from 1958 by the Champs. The song was released on Gene Autry's Challenge Record label, and it was original…

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