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Pros take on Heroes on the Seaside Heights Beach
Presented by the Jay & Linda Grunin Foundation this annual football showdown matches a team made up of many former NFL players and special guests against members of the Toms River Police Department to benefit the Toms River Police Foundation.
Tebowmania Grips Ocean County
Tebowmania has left Lakewood but I can tell you this: the hype over Tim Tebow’s one and only visit to FirstEnergy Park was very much for real. where he’s making an impact is at the box office and I’m sure all the teams in the South Atlantic League hope he stays with the Mets Cla…
Shore Sports Shorts
Jackson Memorial's Walt Krystopik steps down, Donovan's Alicia Wilson reaches a goal and Tim Tebow finishes his quiet trip to Lakewood.
Help Toms River’s Field of Dreams Become a Reality
You have likely read or heard recently about the monumental effort in Toms River to build a true “Field of Dreams.” It is the brainchild and passion of Chrstian Kane and his wife Mary and it would benefit those like their six-year old son Gavin and other special needs children.
4: The Number That Matters Most
After turning around Pinelands Regional's football team, coach Brian Wilkinson’s loyalty was not rewarded as he is among a handful of non-tenured history teachers who will not be returning in the fall due to budget cuts.
Small Crowds, Rich Crowds
Sorry I could not make it to last night’s Met Gala, the charity ball held at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art each year. Tickets started at $30,000. I wonder if there was an open bar and all you can eat shrimp.
A Parent’s Worst Nightmare Comes True
In those few seconds it takes to answer the phone when it rings in the middle of the night your mind races with terrible thoughts and you take a deep breath before saying “hello.” For Helga Paggi it was not a phone call but rather the sight of two Toms River Police officers at her do…
Have a Nice Working Weekend
"Have a nice weekend" is something that will be repeated time and time again today because on Friday our thoughts are often on the weekend with most people assuming that Saturday and Sunday are days off. However that is not the case for a large percentage of us as nearly one third of singl…
Good Sports, Bad Sports
The good: Donovan Catholic’s Peter Schlendorf had a banner day for Donovan Catholic's lacrosse team. The bad? The Mets are in trouble and it's not even May.

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