Hometown View

Take the Signs Down!
Election Day has come and gone so let’s make sure winners and losers remove those annoying lawn signs ASAPv. And besides Atlantic City where will you find many New Jersey teachers this week?
Winds of Change in Trenton
Phil Murphy indicated during his victory speech that the election results were an indictment against President Trump but for many New Jersey voters it was more a vote against Gov. Chris Christie.
Have We Lost Faith in the System?
I still believe in the process and believe we should exercise our right to vote but for a variety of reasons it seems like we are often left simply choosing from the lesser of two evils.
Good or Bad, Let the Playoffs Begin
Making the playoffs should be a reward for a good season not mediocrity but the barbaric system in the Garden State is caught up in red tape by school administrators who don’t know the definition of forward thinking.
A Brick Teacher is Rewarded for Excellence
Yesterday I attended a special school-wide assembly at Brick Memorial High School in which a teacher who fits all the descriptions when it comes to the word OUTSTANDING was saluted and rewarded and the best part was she had no idea it was coming.

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