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A Holiday Weekend Shot in the Arm for the Shore
It was a very good weekend for businesses along the Jersey Shore as the dreadful spring weather gave way to five consecutive sunny days before Monday’s clouds and rain. Clearly people could not wait to head to the beach and warm weather sent them flocking to the shore which gave many busines…
Flipping The Switch on Summer
In case you did not notice summer arrived yesterday. Well sort of. For weeks we have asked the question, “when is it finally going to get nice” and Wednesday we got the answer.
Changes to the All-Shore Gridiron Classic
Nothing will ever match the build-up and excitement surrounding the first All Star football game in the summer of 1978 in which a group of recent Ocean County high school graduates beat their contemporaries from Monmouth County 21-7. It was then called the Asbury Park Press All Shore Classic and th…
President Trump? They’re outta here
I think we can all agree that many so-called celebrities have inflated opinions of themselves and that really comes out during election season. Why would anyone care what a musician, actor, comedian or even pro athlete says when it comes to their thoughts on who we should elect?
Pros vs. Heroes Fills the Football Void
If you have a void in your life without football then may I suggest you head to Seaside Heights tomorrow for Pros Vs. Heroes, a flag football game on the beach just north of Casino Pier matching members of the Toms River Police Department against a Pro Elite team made up of former NFL players, WWE …
Team Trevor Toy Drive
It was four months ago that I first mentioned Trevor Kwatkoski in advance of a high school basketball doubleheader that would serve as a fundraiser for the 5-year old Berkeley Township boy who was battling bone cancer. On that January evening the boys and girls teams from Central Regional and Toms R…
Honoring Good Sportsmanship on the Shore
On Sunday at the Pine Belt Arena in Toms River our Shore Sports Network in partnership with the 47 schools that make up the Shore Conference honored a male and female from each school who were chosen for what’s become a distinguished honor: The Sporstmanship Awards.
Why Is Friday the 13th Unlucky?
It’s Friday the 13th which for some spells caution on what could be an unlucky day. . I being one of those who has never bought into any of that stuff (maybe because I feel every day is sort of unlucky).

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