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Disappointment in Atlantic City
Usually when people leave Atlantic City with disappointment on their face it’s because the cards, dice or roulette ball did not work in their favor. However my 24-hour trip there ended late yesterday afternoon with a slightly different kind of disappointment, one that I got over pretty quick…
Overrated Things, Words and Phrases
A wise man once said you are never along in your thoughts no matter what they are. Since in today’s world it’s obvious some people have really bizarre thoughts I might not agree as easily with that as say 20-30 years ago but I get the point.
Father’s Day On The Beach
For me spending Father’s Day on the beach with my two children is about as good as it gets and while I miss my father greatly I know he’d be happy that I was with Brandon and Alex.
Shock and Horror in Orlando
While shocking and horrifying Sunday’s mass shooting at a nightclub in Orlando, is something most of us will likely forget very quickly. That might sound cold and callous but it’s not meant to be as we simply have become hardened to news like this.
Congratulations to Jill and Brandon!
I’m at a point in my life where my greatest joy comes with the accomplishments of my children.This past weekend the life of my son Brandon changed forever when he got engaged to Jill Martino.
Record Setting Meet of Champions
I’m not much of a track and field guy, not because I don’t admire the athletic talents of the competitors but because it’s not a great spectator sport.
With that said I attended Wednesday’s NJSIAA Meet of Champions for two reasons, it was nearby at Central Regional High …
Nelson, Pagano Lead Griffins to Championship
To me Lindsey Nelson was the longtime play-by-play voice of the New York Mets, calling their games in the 60s and 70s as part of a Hall of Fame career. However at Donovan Catholic High School Lindsay Nelson (first name spelled with an a and not an e) is the freshman softball pitcher who yesterday le…
Muhammad Ali: The Greatest of All Time
I was not a Muhammad Ali fan so unlike much of what you might have heard and read over the weekend this will not be a tribute to one of my boyhood idols. In truth I became an Ali fan after he retired from boxing as I greatly admired how he lived his life during a 32 year battle with Parkinsonȁ…
Reliving Gridiron Greatness
Former football players from Central Regional High School and Lacey Township High School will roll back the clock tomorrow when they meet in an alumni football game at Central’s Joseph J. Boyd Memorial Field at 7pm.

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