Hometown View

Summer’s Last Gasp
And so for many begins the final week of summer vacation as next week will find school’s opening and the daily routine becomes very different.
Summer Winds Down at the Shore
Signs of summer winding down are everywhere as kids leave for college, high school athletes are practicing for a new season and retail stores promote fall not summer items.
Rosanne Citta: A Disposition To Do Good
Desire to do good to others; an act of kindness; goodwill; a disposition to do good. Those are all definitions of the word benevolence which describes the life led by Rosanne Citta, who died this past weekend following a short illness at her Florida home in Pompano Beach at the age of 71.
Saying Goodbye to Rio
It would be easy, as some do, to slam the Olympics because the event held every four years is filled with more than its share of controversy, corruption and questionable decisions made by those who have often lost sight on what the games are supposed to be all about.
A Day Off For Gold
I have nothing for you today but since I have an obligation to fill about 120 seconds here are some random thoughts in no order of importance.
The Domino Effect of Morning Problems
I was thinking about how regimented most of us are each morning and how one small thing can throw us off and sometimes set the tone for the day. This is especially true for those of us who live by the alarm clock.
Simply Clawsome Baseball in Lakewood
While you were talking about the heat wave and watching the Summer Olympics you might not have noticed that the Lakewood BlueClaws are playing their best baseball of the season and very much in the race for the playoffs.
Donovan Griffins Relive Memories of the Gepper
Steve Gepp was a Hall of Fame basketball coach for some three decades at St. Joseph’s High School which later became Monsignor Donovan and of course is now Donovan Catholic. During his tenure the Griffins had many outstanding teams and under the colorful Gepp won their share of championships…
The Olympic Distraction
Despite my issues with NBC’s coverage of the Summer Olympics I find myself glued to the TV during prime-time viewing hours and it’s only a matter of time before these 4 hour sleep nights catch up with me. Actually they already are.

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