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Confusion at the Crosswalk
We all have our pet peeves and some of us (including yours truly) could come up with a very long list. I don’t know where it would be on my list but clearly somewhere at the top would be rude pedestrians.
A Weekend Off The Beach
A little of this and a little of that on August 1st which has always been one of my least favorite days on the calendar because it’s a reminder that summer days and nights will soon be but a memory.
Voting For The Lesser of Two Evils
The conventions are over and the race for the White House between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has officially begun and most Americans will likely cast their ballot for the lesser of two evils.
Kevin Speaks on the Important Issues of the Day
Nobody has asked my opinion but if they did I will tell them...
These are scary times throughout our nation and world and while much of the talk is about terrorism it seems like more should be focused on mental health, or lack of it.
Those who are actually rooting for violence and chaos at the Republi…
Jason Groome is Boston-bound ( by way of Fort Myers)
Next stop for Jason Groome could be Fort Myers, Florida the home of the Boston Red Sox rookie league team. The 17-year old recent Barnegat High School graduate was in Boston Thursday when word came that he and the Red Sox had agreed on a contract that would pay him a signing bonus of $3.65 million.…
Protests, home runs and volunteering
This past weekend was filled with protests, memorials, debates, unifying church services and more as our nation comes to grips with the reality there are serious racial issues, especially when it comes to relationships with police in metropolitan and urban areas.
Senseless Shooting in Dallas
We’d be foolish to think racism does not exist all across our country and we are now at a point where what divides us seems to be more paramount than what unites us.
Thursday was marked by mostly peaceful protests over two separate incidents earlier in the week in which black men were…

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