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Eat Some Pizza, Help Protect a Cop
Police officers from Toms River will put down their ticket books and put on aprons as waiters and waitresses while joining forces with the staff at Pizza Hut in the K-Mart Shopping Center from 4 p.m. -9 p.m. raise money for the Bullet Proof Vest Fund.
The Final Hours of Summer
The nights are now longer than the days which frankly is a bit depressing. On the plus side, the third full weekend of the high school football season has arrived and the Causewak 5K is coming in October.
Countdown to 5,000
I've been at this since sometime in 1997 and on my current pace I should reach 5,000 in early 2020. On the day I do at least I won’t struggle to come up with a topic.
9/11: A Day Whose Impact Lives On
September 11 is the anniversary of the most horrific date in the history of our country and for many the pain is almost as great as it was 17 years ago when nearly 3,000 lives were lost.v
The September Weather Blues
After all that heat and humidity in the beginning of the month it looks like we are now in a pattern that’s going to produce plenty of showers and not a lot of sunshine over the never couple of weeks

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