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Carrying The Torch for Summer
I don’t pretend to me some kind of fashion expert but thanks to my wife and some common sense I have a decent idea of what looks good and what does not, especially when it comes to coordinating colors.
A Question of Rights vs. Respect
The National Anthem has been front and center more than ever in recent weeks, ever since San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to sit during the playing of it before a pre-season game. The issue has spilled over to college and high school games.
The First Full Week of Football
Welcome to the first full week of the season when all 43 football-playing schools in the Shore Conference take the field not only worrying about the team on the other side but things like heat exhaustion, dehydration and muscle cramps.
Extend the Season and Celebrate Local Summer
I was as guilty as anyone who made it sound like Labor Day weekend was the final one of summer. Yes unofficially we consider that the end of the summer “season” as schools are now open and in terms of vacationers or visitors most of them are gone. However as you will feel today summer…
Thanks Hermine: Not The Ending to Summer I Was Hoping For
These past few days were not especially good ones for meteorologists like our own Dan Zarrow as the Tropical Storm named Hermine did not live up to what was forecasted for the Jersey Shore.Dan and dozens of others have been the brunt of jokes, ripped on social media and blamed for the cancellation o…
The Beach Gives Way to the Gridiron
There is one consolation to the end of summer: the start of football season. Football is by far my favorite sport and while the NFL waits until next week college and high school football get underway this weekend.
Hermine Brings Summer To An End
And so we have arrived at what I’ll call Labor Day Weekend Eve because for many the final holiday weekend of summer will begin later today as they’ll take tomorrow off.
Summer’s Last Gasp
And so for many begins the final week of summer vacation as next week will find school’s opening and the daily routine becomes very different.

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