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Snow Day Second Guessing
Most schools in our area were closed based on the fact the storm was expected to be at its worst just around the time the school day would be getting into full swing. As is usually the case I’m sure there was a lot of second-guessing from parents who have to make alternative arrangements dur…
Seaside Park Terrorism: You Bet It Was Covered
Anytime you talk about politics you are sure to make a certain percentage of the population unhappy. It’s the nature of the topic. However to some extent everyone has an opinion when it comes to President Donald Trump and even some of his ardent supporters are questioning his actions and wor…
Super Bowl LI: From Dud to Super
Super Bowl LI (that’s 51) looked to be a dud until Tom Brady played like a stud and guided the greatest comeback in the history of the game as New England rallied from a 28-3 deficit late in the 3rd quarter to beat Atlanta 34-28 in overtime.
Happy Super Bowl Sunday!
Truth be told the football season ended a couple of weeks ago because what is taking place Sunday in Houston is not really a football game. The Super Bowl has become for the most part a national holiday that does not come with a day off unless you are among the 16 million or so expected to call out …
Shore Coaching ‘Dynamic Duo’ Changes Teams
Coaching changes in the NFL or major college football are ones that may generate speculation, debate, controversy, intrigue. You name it. When a successful head coach leaves one team or program for another it can have a direct impact on both although expectations are not always met. I have always…
Understanding President Trump’s Executive Order
Like most of you I don’t really know all the specifics of the immigration ban that was signed by President Donald Trump a few days ago. I don’t know if the new president’s executive order is good or bad, right or wrong. In truth it’s probably somewhere in the middle.

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