Bob & Marianne in the Morning

WARNING: Beware Of Dangerous Pet Toys
My dogs mean the world to me.  I'm very careful with their diet, I make sure they are properly vetted and would NEVER buy anything for them made in China, but guess what?  That last one is NOT enough.
Finding The Right Shampoo For Your Hair
Do you have a favorite and does it REALLY make a difference?
If you have a head of hair it's something you use everyday, we'll maybe not everyday, but at the least every other day?
SEE IT: Puppy Pool Party Photos
There are different kinds of people in this world with all different interests and I was with a group of them recently: dog lovers at a puppy pool party.  I had so much fun because I didn't feel out of place, everyone there was just like me (well maybe some more than others).

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