Bob & Marianne in the Morning

Movie Night At First Energy Park
One of my greatest memories growing up was getting into my pajamas and my parents loading us into our station wagon to go to the Rt 35 Drive In Theater in Eatontown.
Farmers Markets in Ocean and Monmouth Counties
One of the great advantages of living in New Jersey during the summer is some of our produce. No matter where you go you'll never taste the sweetest corn or the juiciest tomatoes like Jersey has to offer and it's that time of year.
Marianne’s Facebook Obsession
My name is Marianne Calandriello Levy and I am a Facebookaholic.
Seriously, I never sign off even if I'm not actively on I scroll hundreds of times a day and some days I post as much (well maybe not hundreds) but a lot. I have 438 friends and I'd say I know 65% of them and others are friends of frien…

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