BRISTOL, CT - The Holbrook Little League of Jackson started their journey to the Little League World Series with a huge win over a team from Washington D.C. 16-6.

The "mercy rule" was brought the game to an early end when their lead grew to 10 runs  after 4 innings.  Holbrook capitalized on a bad inning, including a wild pitch, two errors, and two hit-by-pitches to score seven runs in the second inning.

"There were a lot of ground balls. We did well on our defense, we took advantage of some sloppy defense, so we had a lot of runs on passed balls," Coach Rob Grano told New Jersey 101.5. "We ran really well, we took advantage of everything we were given so we played well."

Gran cited a two-run home run while by J.R. Osmond and strong pitching by Dean Daddio in just two-and-two-thirds innings. "We kept his pitch count under 35 so we can bring him back in a few days. He pitched really well," Grano said.

The team and coaches are glad to have the first game played. "The kids loved it. Lots of cameras, the field is beautiful, a lot of people here...I had a couple say man, this is so great," Grano said. "I think the kids really, really enjoyed themselves. It feels good to get the first game out of the way."

Holbrook Little League plays the team from Plainview, New York on Long Island on Monday morning at 10 a.m.

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