During the Feb. 26 edition of Ask The Governor Wednesday night, Gov. Chris Christie once again addressed the ongoing Bridgegate scandal, this time saying he's too busy running the state to "give in to the hysteria of questions that are given from folks that have information today that I didn’t have earlier.”

During the live broadcast, the governor also discussed the state budget, which is the largest in NJ history. He also answered questions about the need to borrow money to fund the Transportation Trust Fund, the pot of money the state uses for road, bridge, and tunnel projects. Christie, who was joined in the studio by his daughter Bridget, also tackled questions regarding extending the length of the school day and the school year - neither of which seemed to go over well with his 10-year-old.

Video highlights of Wednesday's program:

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Here are video highlights from the Feb. 3 program:

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Here are video highlights from the Dec. 23 edition of Ask the Governor.