It's hard to believe that summer is already wrapping up and "back to school" is the motto of the day, but fear not.  Even though we will miss summer dearly, there is still plenty to look forward to in the fall: the changing of the colors to beautiful amber, the smell of crisp fireplaces burning at night and of course football!  And what goes with real football better than fantasy football!?

Yes, it is utterly fake,  completely frustrating and understandably ridiculous to watch as an outsider, but as any insider knows, the only thing that compares to watching your real favorite team win on Sunday is being a part of a fantasy victory.  Football purists will say that it's not fan-like to root for players on other teams, but I say it's just a fun way to stay connected with friends and place a few friendly wagers.

I had my first of two scheduled fantasy football drafts last night and am fairly happy with my results.  Tom Brady (QB, New England Patriots), Wes Welker (WR, New England Patriots) and Adrian Peterson (RB, Minnesota Vikings) round out my top 3 picks.  I'm hoping to bounce back from a year in which I missed the playoffs and took a big bruise to my ego.  Of course, the game is mostly dependent on luck as no one can predict injuries and level of play from a player from a year to year (or game to game) basis.

Unsure of exactly what fantasy football is?  Click HERE to find out and get started!

Now that I've drafted, I cannot wait for kickoff!  Are you in a fantasy football league this year?